Branson Approves Huffman's High Rise

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An intensity filled the air as the fate of the project would clearly be determined by one vote. The Alderman were split voting 3 in favor and 3 against approval for the 300 ft. Structure before Mayor Lou Schaeffer cast the final vote approving the 26 story structure. The three Aldermen voting in favor of the high-rise were Stan Barker, Dick Gass and Beverly Martin. The three Alderman voting against the high-rise were Ron Huff, David Edie and Jack Purvis.
Before the Vote
The diversity of interests in Branson and opinions on the route, formation and type of development residents see as best for the city were represented at Branson City Hall before the second reading of Huffman's proposed high rise passed with City Approval. A surprise visit from Jack Herschend, Yakov's letter read from developer Mark Weiss and Salvation Army Captain Ron Keys pleas to the City of Branson Aldermen are contained in the above clip.