Taney County Auditors Office - Branson Area Scariest

The Taney County Auditor's office finished tax bills on Halloween winning the Branson Edge's Prestigous Scarriest in Taney County Award. This Halloween chill promises to deliver scares for weeks to come. As a public service announcement the Auditing trio wants you to know it's W--itch (with a W).
Gary L. Morgan, the Taney County Information Systems Administrator wins second with a haunted maze conversion of the IS building - if you took a wrong turn you might have found the offender data geomapped on a printed map - which is why the honorable mention is neccesary.
The Taney County administrators dressed in hippy attire complete with a pho-marijuana cigarrete with tobacco filling as prop. Commissioner Herschend asked the baliff if he was going to be arrested at which time the baliff who inspected the "joint" stated, "It's obvious you don't know how to roll one of those things so no I'm not going to arrest you". Ron Herschend was unapologetic at his apparent inability to properly handle the art of rolling chronic.
**Editor's Note
Rolling spliffs has little public value to government officials hoping to be re-elected - unless by spliff you mean crack and by roll you mean "paid female companionship" in which case you have great chances of being re-elected mayor of Washington DC. Posted by Picasa