Southern Missouri Will Determine Who Will go to the Senate

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McCaskill admits that ignoring Southern Missouri is a mistake she won't repeat. From the signs to the election time pronunciation of the state "ms-ur-ah" she's made a lot of right moves. Still, all the major Southern Missouri Newspapers - Including the Joplin Globe and the Springfield News-leader endorsed a Talent Blunt combo to represent the state in Washington DC. The nation's eyes are on us as we go to the polls today. A majority of us will vote Republican with a few exceptional races (it takes a democrat of a very special breed to win here). The underlying question is - How Republican is Southern Missouri and is it Republican enough to swing the vote Red. As you watch the animation above you'll notice the changing colors...Light Blue is slightly Democrat...Light Red Slightly Republican.... White is neutral and we move between these three. We’re moderate folk, as the President said Friday "Common sense down to Earth People". Really, this race is up to us. The Southern Missouri vote and how effective the parties are in getting out the faithful will determine the fate of Federal representation. Our local elections are for the most part over...the Democrats didn't even bother to put a candidate to run against County Contenders. Even our newspapers have but thank you notes from politicians on Election Day.