President Bush Visits Branson Area

George Bush , Jim Talent, Roy Blunt
Perhaps the only thing Pollsters Democrats and Republican’s can agree on is the Missouri race for the Senate seat is a dead heat.
It’s the final kick of the last leg of the race and the Republican Campaign strategists are implementing the “72 hour plan”. - Preparation for the Republican’s 72 hour committee get a boost as shoe-in Congressional Candidate Roy Blunt and the President of the United States host an invitation only gathering with the party faithful in Springfield.
As the Cardinal’s Mascot is being cleared by Secret Service agents the Gatlin Brothers warm up the crowd with music proceeding invocation delivered by the local James River Assembly’s pastor. Electricity feels the air as a roaring crowd welcomes Jim Talent, Roy Blunt and President Bush to the stage. “No one wants one vote to cancel out another vote,” states Roy Blunt’s warning to Republican’s of the consequences of failing to mobilize the local base to polling stations.
After a few short words of praise and the presentation of a Springfield Cardinals Jersey President Bush is cheered to the podium …
“This isn’t the first time I’ve come to Southern Missouri and it won’t be the last, I like the people in this part of the world, good common sense down to earth people live in Southwest Missouri. …that’s the kind of Senator you need good and down to earth and Talented”
Here’s a quick Summary of the Party approach at the Springfield venue:
1. Energy: Roy Blunt calls Talent Mr. Ethanol a nickname given for his efforts regarding alternative fuel and passage of the energy bill. Bush: “If you want to be less dependent on foreign oil you need to elect Talent to the Senate”
2. Security: Bush “If a member of al-Qaeda calls the US we want to know why” -
3. Taxes: President specifies child tax credits of 1,000 per child at jeopardy – takes a swing at Nancy Polosi characterizing her as a “secret admirer” of tax cuts based on her voting record.
4. Judges: Bush, “My goal is to elect judges that will strictly adhere to the law and not to legislate from the bench”.
5. Employment: Bush boasts 4.4% Unemployment rate.
6. War: “I wish I could tell you were not at war but we are…. they don’t believe in freedom of religion (big applause) … that’s why we need to stay on the offensive…you cannot plan if you’re on the run…the only way we lose is if we leave before the job is done”
“In Washington DC the pundits have already decided who’s going to win; they haven’t realized the people in Missouri haven’t voted yet” Several Branson and Taney County Locals were on hand for the event.