Branson's Historic City Counsel Meeting

Three major issues brought Branson residents out of the woodwork halting the remaining City Counsel agenda items several hours before the meetings usual timeframe. Representatives were present from most every segment of Branson’s economy providing feedback to Branson’s leadership on how counsel members should navigate Branson’s future.
Two hot button issues were the trademark protection issue and the resurrection of a proposed 300 foot skyscraper. City business was conducted in front of the largest crowd since early discussions about the Branson Landing.
The meeting itself deserves lengthy discussion and due to the hours won’t appear in your paper this morning.
Here are the results:
1. Branson will continue the branding protection strategy as proposed by outside legal counsel.
2. Huffman’s skyscraper plans were successfully resurrected and are awaiting a second reading at Branson’s next city counsel meeting
The Mayor making a tiebreaking vote twice (a rare occurrence) and the appearance of so many concerned citizens showing a voice and unanimous support for democracy and civic involvement is what made this meeting so important. The context and specifics of which will be discussed over the next couple of weeks …until Branson City Government meets again.