Bob Moser of The Nation Magazine visits Branson Researching Southern Politics

  I had a chance to sit down with Bob yesterday at Music City Center Starbucks in Branson.
All of us - any of us following the campaign results had little sleep the night before. Starbucks has the highest ratio of coffee grounds to water which is an important fact for anyone in desperate need of caffeine. The Starbucks in Branson (a second one will be built shortly near the landing) has the most consistent free wi-fi connection in Branson.
Though Bob works in New York his expertise, editorial focus and heritage is far from the "Yankee" persuasion. He's currently working on a book about Southern Politics and got me up to speed on some of the interesting twists in Mid-Term Southern State elections.
It's interesting, Missouri's Senate race took the national spotlight as one of the most cutthroat campaigns in the nation and few will remember that at one point the Talent vs. McCaskill battle was up until the final days a pinnacle of campaign messaging moderation. To illustrate this point to Bob I referred to a KY3 post by David Cantonese, "And then it Got Nasty". Up until October Missouri was setting a great example for the Nation on political ethics...the shift in strategy from both candidates was Missouri's October Surprise history will forget.
Bob noted an uncomfortable air among those interviewed while conducting poll exit research. I think this was a hard election on all of us and hope Bob leaves back to the city with some good examples of Branson's Southern Hospitality to report on.
I did puck up a great piece of intel from Bob - Democrats party harder. The Republican party gathering was sprinkled with gloom - even thought there were some major victories. The Democrats on the other hand were a bit more lively partying with a packed house on the other side of town.
Bob - best wishes on your continued success and book release! Posted by Picasa