29 CofO Students Suspended Possibly at Cost to Back to Back NAIA Championship

College of the Ozarks -29 Students Disciplined
The Springfield News-Leader Editorial Department broke the story earlier this week about members of the CofO Basketball team being suspended. took a chance to speak with CofO President yesterday about the incident. Davis noted his opinion of the editorial – “Well Balanced”. I was forewarned that I wouldn’t get a comment but proceeded with due diligence. “We’re not na├»ve”, explained the president as he shared some of his dark past before making changes in his life.
Twice expelled from college, President Davis can serve as inspiration to student’s who’ve been disciplined and even rejected by their alma mater. In one instance, Davis was asked if he knew anything about running a college…”I know I could do a better job than you!”, his last words as a student at that particular educational institution. (Great Article in the new Branson area publication “Both Sides of the Bridge”)
Jerry Davis is a living testament to those students punished by CofO that their careers, place in academia and lives are far from ruined.
“All student’s are required to live by the same standards”, explained Davis.
Shortly after our conversation College of the Ozarks made an official press release…
“The college of the Ozarks has taken disciplinary action against several students for violations of college policy, standards and expectations. Sanctions have been imposed on 29 students ranging from probation to suspension. Of the students disciplined 17 were athletes and 12 were non-athletes.
Students enrolling in College of the Ozarks sign a compliance statement indicating acceptance of college expectations, booth on and off campus. Students at Character Camp sign the Student Honor Pledge and all athletes sign the NAIA Champions of Character Student-Athlete Pledge. In addition, the student handbook makes clear “the College will consider misconduct off campus as a reflection of a student’s character and his fitness to be a member of the Student Body.” It also makes clear that students placed on disciplinary probation “will not be allowed to represent the College in any activity during the period.”
Although the college regrets having to impose disciplinary measures on any student, it believes all students must be accountable to the same standard. Current disciplinary actions have been handled consistent with longstanding policy and expectations. The college believes students must honor their commitments and be held accountable for their decisions and to learn from them”