State Politicians Fail to Keep It Clean - Unlike Branson Area Politics

An analysis of Taney County and Branson political contests might reveal a turnoff from voters who conduct nasty campaigns. This isn't the same at the state level nor for our sister Springfield to the north where things are getting heated.
McCaskill and Talent have had a pretty clean campaign until the last 30 days here. Once again I want to thank our local candidates for keeping a clean political race during our elections - I say this because there is no political opposition to speak of in November.

Last week Local KY3 journalist Dave Catanese commented on the shift in polls. Talent shifted from a 3 point lead to a four point drop. The national average after the Foley fiasco is a 12 point decline for Republican’s statewide.
was in Washington for Meet The Press interviews with Talent and McCaskill. Congrats Dave and thanks for the report...

McCaskill, who has been campaigning in the Talent stronghold of Southern Missouri, characterizes the incumbent as a veteran & single mother hating tyrant (Commercials given upon request).

Talent characterizes McCaskill as a Carpetbagger trying to cash in on false advertising and in a part of the state that she has has little to provide for.

Talent's ads are running on local radio stations launched earlier this week.

(I think this pretty much sums this race up)

One of the most creative campaigns has to be Doug Harpool and his Internet campaign addressing campaign contributions.

Dave TV Internet Campaign Ad:
Transcripts From Meet The Press Debates