Rockaway Beach City Council Behaviour Delays Gambling Initiative for Branson Area

It was caluculated. This is the only conclusion one could come to when looking at the historical record of Rockaway Beach City Council's move to oust Mayor Tom Strom. Procedures put in place in December paved the road for Tom's political hanging.

The fourteen points submitted as grounds to replace the Mayor are severely lacking in substance. Rumour is, and I haven't yet checked the record, Sue Riggs was asked not to vote on a casino-land deal where she was one of the equity holders. If this is true; the Mayor was wise in asking her not to vote as her equity stake was a conflict of interest....

Here's the deal....Mayor Pro Tem Sue Riggs made a bid for power. After a vote the Mayor was suspended pending impeachment hearings. The sandbox is now Sue's but the Casino that was moving into Rockaway Beach was unimpressed suspending marketing funding to push the initiative ahead.

Ironincally, the initial grudge was about the Mayor being too careful in his dealings with the Casino. The end result is the Casino's potential pulling out of Rockaway Beach.

How's being Mayor feel Sue?