Michael J. Fox and Conservative Response to Stem Cell Research Initiative

I’ve written about this before and find it humorous that during certain political season’s politicians frequently gain a deep southern Missouri accent and the word Mizerah seems to slide out of their mouths almost by accident. The stem cell research initiative will be a major issue on the ballot and Talent was a bit gun shy about addressing this issue until be pressed repeatedly by the media. The response from Fox didn’t happen until Talent ultimately took a stance against the initiative. Ironically, neither politician has a say in the matter as it will override previous legislation and will be determined by voters directly.
Conservative Christian activists have started a media blitz including local radio ads and the well publicized Michael J. Fox ad was published online to help McCaskill gain support in the Southern Missouri region where it looks like the vote will ultimately be determined.
The first video is a parody response ad followed by the MJ Fox original.