Branson City Council Meeting

A parlay or tiff over tiff funds ensued as Chuck Pennel took the floor in the last 1/2 hour of Branson's City Council Meeting. Chuck urged Branson City Council to write state legislators to equalize the power of cities and counties when it comes to Tiff funds. Chuck explained that the county could grant Tiff's but not without permission of the city. Taney County commissioner Chuck Pennel began by acknowledging and thanking the city for their charitable donations to various organizations then proceeded to asked the city to lobby legislators for changes in the state law asking for city council members to beg for a reduction in power...(Righhhht).

City Council fired back asking the question, "Have we increased sales this year?"

(Sales are up 10% for the city of Branson) Chuck acknowledged the upward trend and stated his hopes that the trend will continue.

Chuck's 10 minutes of fame in Branson's city council Meeting was stated in classic old school style. (JC old skool – Christian doctrine dictates thanking God before asking for something)

The City will now be limiting fame to 10 minutes passing a first reading of legislation limiting commentary to "topics at hand" in city council meetings.

Gary Groman took the stand next with copies of the cities trademark from the US patent office. The former attorney and editorialist explained the city had no right to limit the use of the term Branson. A handout of the cities Trademark filings were handed to every member of city council and city attorney Paul Link.

Lastly, a gentleman from the Orlando area identified himself as a conservative democrat who never lost a suit against a city...hmm.. He elegantly spoke about the trademark issue involving the Branson Sports Club, however, lost some footing after apologizing for saying "gosh darn" and failing to apologize for using an exploitative for female dog.

Next … the coup in Rockaway Beach –