A Branson Citizen's Note to Matt Blunt

Mr. Blunt,

Forgive my directness, if you find it offensive, alienating or otherwise irritating. Your father's office visits my site much more frequently than you. Perhaps, we can change this - but rather - I wish you would ignore this site and consider our mutual constituents - the citizens of Branson - the citizens and tourists of Missouri. As the current Congressional races are proving, we are much more important than previously thought.
I have watched your polls decline recently and it's my hope that they recover quickly. Of course I say this selfishly as this would undoubtedly represent a marked improvement in the perceived policies of your office. Though your numbers statewide are far from impressive, you'll find your most supportive base to remain here in the southern part of the state. We clearly represent your most loyal base and it is my intention to improve relations with your champions of past.
Though we represent a much smaller portion of the manufacturing and commercial revenue provided to the Great State of Missouri - we command the lions share - 30% of the statewide tourism income. Considering Branson's per capita tourism revenue it shouldn't be of trivial nature that we are a marketing force none can reckon with.
Great concern has arisen from your recent appointments to the State Tourism Board. Reports of appointing representation from out of the state concern us, reports of a failure to provide representation from the most successful tourism force in the state should concern every citizen in the state. We have much to offer and have not held back in the offerings we have previously and continue to provide - I speak of course of your campaign coffers of past and ongoing support from representation we send to Jefferson City.
Let's cut to the chase --- shall we? I believe you'll find the sum of campaign contributions coming indirectly from Branson interests to exponentially exceed Leutkemeyer's contribution - which I understand is substantial. (Please take note of this a spreadsheet will be provided upon request). I also understand Ms. Raenne Presley's opposition to Luetkemeyer to be based upon his inexperience in the tourist industry.
As a journalist and consultant I'm often asked to provide intelligence on various happenings in our region, usually I charge -but for you my governor - my advice is free. Reanne Presley's reputation, understanding and knowledge of the tourism industry is unmatched. She's known as provider of knowledgeable and sound advice. You would be providing yourself a great service by reappointing or making her a new position in Jefferson City to advise you on how to manage Missouri's tourism cash cow called Branson. Branson has a great deal to teach Missouri when it comes to tourism her participation in the decisions involving allocated budgets should be inline with what she provides to the sector and the state in this regard. Our lack of representation in the state's tourism advisory group is beyond reasonable judgment and should be reconsidered and remedied quickly for the good of the state.

Your's Truly,
1 Branson Citizen

Raeanne Presley of Branson to the 10-member panel. He replaced her with a campaign contributor. Presley opposed Luetkemeyer, a banker and insurance agent who has no tourism industry experience.