Abusing the Badge - A Branson Runaway and a Reporter

At 10PM Thursday night I received a call from a distressed mother. A young Branson resident of 13 was reported missing. Though reports were made to local authorities the child's mother was restless.
The phone call I received was in regards to specific digital tracking technology which may have helped locate the missing child. I had a meeting with an editor of a local newspaper and a photo requested by another area publication which could have proved profitable for my career but both were put off as time was of the essence as the child's intent was to flee the state where it would be difficult to find her.
I'm not at liberty to speak of the details as the incident involves a minor - but I will say this. The child was recovered after a 48 hour investigation and my press pass was a great tool in helping find the child.
The press pass gave me access to areas that the police would have trouble infiltrating. There are rural elements and subcultures whose code of ethics doesn't necessarily involve honoring the law.
A press pass gave me access and representation in a non-threatening manner and the child was brought home quickly.

**Local Authorities and a couple detectives went beyond the call of duty granting advice, personal time and compassion.

Editor's Comments:
Unfortunately I cannot share the details for the protection of the child and the legalities involved with laws regarding children - however, I've developed new respect for one of our local agencies and how the 2nd Amendment can serve the citizens of our country.