NBC Show "Who's Got Talent" Last Chance to Audition

After signing 10 pre-audition contract I decided to refrain from providing NBC from syndicating my "mad skills" across the nation. I was told that if I auditioned I wouldn't be able to write about it...tough choice. Fame and fortune was my sacrifice today. Needless to say, I stood alone.

Although Branson was the only location cited by the network, NBC's next stop will be Las Vegas then San Francisco. Considering the short lines for America's got talent at Chateau on the Lake yesterday there is a good shot you can be seen if you'd like to try out for the television show.

Those seeking fame and fortune traveled to Branson yesterday to strut there stuff. Those who auditioned described a comfortable setting where production assistants made them feel at ease.

Simon Cowell was nowhere to be seen nor Regis Philbin who will host the show. If you have a hot novelty act.....here's your chance to bust into the bigtime.....You still have time! Head up to Chateau and you may have the opportunity to meet David Hasselhoff (one of the show's judges) --- or an extra million dollars.