If Today Is your day in the belly of the Beast -

If you saw her you'd never assume the dark history, one that fails to haunt her.

She stood at the end of a peer in the City of Angels ready to end her life. The last line of the poem she wrote before deciding to end her life...

"Somewhere in the deep blue see, I'll end this life of misery"

It's probably more likely you'd see her leading a church group then the days of old where you could find her in alleys getting her fix. As a junkie she found little hope - too proud to ask her family in the midwest for help even after being reduced to homelessness.

As she prepared to jump a hand of a woman touched her left shoulder and another her right shoulder. An unknown voice spoke, "I know you're going through a hard time ....

1. God loves you
2. God has a plan for you
3. You haven't done anything that you can't be forgiven for

The woman turned around and the two strangers were gone.

If you see her, it's unlikely you'll hear this story - it's unlikely you'd assume anything except a lifelong journey of prosperity and joy.

We could just as easily assume that prosperity and joy are in your future even if today is your day to experience a dark hour ... if today just happens to be your day in the belly of the beast.