Aerial Footage of Branson Missouri

Recognize this shot of Branson? {Click to See Larger View} Can you see Chateau on the Lake to the bottom left hand corner?

I took about 200 shots before heading up to Springfield to meet with a group of citizen journalists.

I've done a lot of air travel; back in the day, as my job required me to commute to San Francisco/Silicon Valley once a week. But, flying in a Cessna is different - especially when you're shooting pictures the whole time. Ever get car sick? Plane sick is much worse.

Branson is incredibly beautiful and from the air you get a good idea of what properties are hot. Taking pictures of some of the in-progrress land developments was a big part of the job yesterday.

We're moving into the Fall tourist season - which we owe to the beauty of our region in the spring.

Do you want a picture of your house? Cheating boy/girlfriend from the sky? When it comes to aerial photography I'm a total sellout... :)