Branson Supports Nodler...Nodler Supports Branson

Senator Nodler has pledged support for State schoold to put off Fall Sessions until the Labor Day holiday has come to an end. The Turner Report notes Nodler is being financed by Branson area business. I want to take a moment to personally thank the following entities for thier contributions and support for Branson interest. Before I do, I want to note: This is the first time the Branson Edge has openly praised members of the Time Share industry whose demonstrated ethics in the past have, when I think about..."can't eat the amount of food that I need to vomit." Here, today, in an epic display of support and open arms to possibilities of redemption want to thank you ... along all the members of the community listed below.

-$625 from American Council of Travel, Branson
-$200 from Denver Wood, Vacation Services of America, Branson
-$200 from Cindy Wood, Vacation Services of America, Branson
-$200 from Roark Travel Service Network, LLC, Branson
-$200 from Vacation Services of American, Inc., Branson
-$300 from Travel Access, Branson
-$200 from Thomas Wood, Vacation Services of America, Branson
-$200 from Deborah Wood, Vacation Services of America, Branson
-$200 from Crystal Hedrick, Vacation Services of America, Branson
-$200 from Brant Hedrick, Vacation Services of America, Branson

The bill was proposed during the last legislative session by Sen. Jack Goodman, R. Mount Vernon, who described it as a pro-family bill. As I wrote in the March 23 Turner Report:

In a news release, Goodman said the bill "protects families' ability to take summer vacations, be involved in sports and summer camps and take advantage of other important non-classroom learning opportunities."
Goodman continues, adding that this simple maneuver will increase student attendance "as parents are relieved of the burden of choosing between their children's education and these other vital activities."

The one thing Goodman did not mention in the press release is the interest of the tourism industry in the legislation...or the money he has received from Branson interests. As I noted in the same post:

A check of campaign disclosure forms filed with the Missouri Ethics Commission shows Goodman received at least $10,550 from Branson interests during the special election in which he succeeded the late Larry Gene Taylor.
In the disclosure form filed eight days before the election, Goodman received the following contributions:
Starboard Corporation $600 (the maximum at that time), Mark Still, Still Construction, Branson, $150; Kanakuk Camps $600, Raeanne Presley (of the Presley Theater) $150, Peter Herschend (Silver Dollar City) $300; American Council of Travel, $600; Ozark Travel Service Network LLC $600, Market Source LLC $600, Branson Hotline $600, Vacation Services of America, Inc. $600, Travel More Now, $600,Jack Herschend $300.
The October disclosure form shows Goodman receiving $600 from Grandvista LLC (Branson Yacht Club), and an additional $600 from GV 248 LLC at the same address as Grandvista; $600 from Kelly Swanson of What's Up Dock Marina; $600 from HCW LLC and $600 from HCW Development Corporation LLC at the same address.
On the form filed 15 days after his nomination, Goodman received $600 from Silver Dollar City BACPAC and $500 from the What's Up Dock Marina, as well as $150 from Burch and Associates, the lobbying firm run by former State Representative Jerry Burch. The firm's clients include the Branson Area Chamber of Commerce.

Many other business's and organizations have lobbied for the move. No one wants to schools to lose local control; however, three main factors make lobbying for the school issue important to Branson and important to Missouri.

1. Many Missouri school districts are so poorly funded they don't have air conditioning. Often school is cancelled due to the health issues associated with heat. Labor Day is a good marker after the dog days are done.

2. Branson Business's need the employment of our younger citizens; this helps them gain an understanding of responsibility - finances their education and in some cases helps them support thier families. The extra bit of time can make a lot of difference

3. Keeping school from opening early means a longer tourist season - more revenue for Branson and more revenue for the state.