Branson Parents - Is your kids teacher smoking crack?

Is your Kid's Teacher Smoking Crack?
Written January 26th 2006

The Branson School Board has announced an aggressive policy regarding drug testing students. If my sources are correct, and they usually are, the school board is salivating over a new drug testing machine for Branson students.

The new drug testing machine and policy will include testing all students not just those that participate in sports.

Since the 1960's several teachers have recommended issuing Amphetamines to students who aren't paying enough attention in class . A study by Harvard proved the effects of these drugs parallel the brain damage caused by prolonged cocaine use. In other words, take a scan of your kids brain after feeding him Ritalin for 5 years and you'll have a hard time distinguishing it from someone who's been snorting coke for 5 years.

Another study by Harvard also found that rats do in fact like Cocaine. What if your child's teacher does too? As the Nixa school district recently found out – too bad. Drug testing, although ok for our children has been radically fought off by the teachers themselves. Working for the wages we as a society choose to pay teachers is suspicion enough to test any teacher.

Though drug testing of school bus drivers is allowed – teachers aren't. Perhaps, we need to start identifying children's brains as heavy equipment.

Maybe we ought to leave parenting to the parents and reserve drug testing for the administration we leave our children's minds and bodies to. If we tried it – I'm certain we'd learn a good lesson in civics.