Bucky and Retro Sings Dirty Deeds by ACDC at club shake it up

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Bucky and the Retro band have been performing regularly at shake it up. This clip will be posted on the Branson Nightlife Guide and eventually Branson Rock. You can see more clips at these two locations. The sites are currently being redesigned.

Retro plays, you guessed it, Retro music. A lot of the 80's rock I've heard is geared more towards a 30-40 crowd. My tastes in music are geared to a little lower age group. My best description of the standard Retro music is "Songs you like but don't want to admit". If your twenty something, you don't want to brag that you've rocked out behind closed windows to a Journey song - you do - you've just been outed. This doesn't mean that I want to dance to it in public. In fact, I don't. Some do....

You can tell Bucky personally likes rock, it shows through in this clip. My assumption is that he enjoys these more than the disco favs' I've seen Retro perform

Bucky also plays with a band called the Horn Dogs, they draw a good crowd and have a wide range of talent. It's a must see on a Saturday night.