Mark Twain National Forest Land - Usable, Accessible and Valuable -

Prosperity is the best protector of principle.
Mark Twain

We've been hearing a lot about the missing maps; that is, the maps the government is required to show is before the proposed sell of public land.

Matt Blunt sent a letter on to Mark Rey Undersecretary For Natural Resources and environment , USDA.

Matt's review of the missing maps, apparently now available, found the land to be usable, accessible and valuable.

Matt also notes the majority of funds from the land sale will go out of state.

“Missouri’s natural resources are not a commodity. They are intended to be enjoyed by all, not to be sacrificed just to fill holes in the federal budget,” Blunt said. “The proposed sale takes two blows at our state – one targeting us for significant land sales, and two putting the money generated by any sale in other states’ hands.”

The original bill authorizing the sale of land can be found here.

If you'd like the contact the govenor's office call:
Spence Jackson, 573-751-0290