Hollister, Missouri Chamber Luncheon

Candlestick restaurant is known for serving some of the finest food in the Branson area. But, no matter what they served it would still be worth the price just to glimpse the view. The establishment sits above Lake Taneycomo overlooking the Branson Landing . It also serves as the location of the Hollister Chamber of Commerce monthly luncheon.

Hollister, as Branson, is in a state of rapid growth. A symbiotic relationship exists between the two cities both socially and economically. Hollister's development strategy relies on a greater emphasis in serving locals. Housing and services for the "human infrastructure" needed to ensure Branson's successful growth is what Hollister is betting on. Like Branson, housing and commercial development in Hollister is at an all time high. There was a time when Hollister was was the region's center of gravity (Mayor Tate likes to point this out)

This month's meeting featured a presentation of the YMCA's current and future offerings. The facility provides a wide range of services from Adult Wellness counseling to a sports leagues serving those as young as 3 years old.

Both Taney County wastern district Commissioner Ron Herschend and Hollister Mayor David Tate livened things up with their usual antics (Hams - the both of them).

The YMCA in Hollister is currently seeking funds for an aquatic facility. Hollister City Administrator Rick Ziggenfuss made a heartfelt speech regarding the importance of community participation in acquiring the needed money. "We can easily get millions of dollars to build a new freeway, but this takes a direct community effort."

It was impressive to see such a wide range of guests sitting together in one place. Of note was a representative from the Branson Chamber of Commerce defuncting rumors of an "East Coast - West Coast" feud along Lake Taneycomo. :)

Optimum health of Branson and Hollister are dependent on the two cities working together . The services each city provides contributes to the greater good of the larger community.

You can make donations directly to the YMCA (Contact Info Below)

175 Industrial Dr.
Hollister, MO 65672
417-337-YMCA (9622)