Branson, Missouri - Four Die in Plane Crash near Strip

The newsroom at Branson Daily News headquarters emptied out today as a plane crashed into a storage building on Highway 76. After numerous rumors about the incident the FAA reported all 4 passengers were dead.

Photos taken of the incident will appear tomorrow morning on the front page of the Branson Daily News.

Branson Daily News reported emergency transmissions from the twin-engine Secnecca II headed towards Lubbock, Texas. The plane was headed back to Taney County Airport after refueling at the College of the Ozarks before crashing into the storage building. An eyewitness, Jeremy Denny, reported watching the plane make a hard left and a hard right before crashing.

Noelle Caylor and Cliff Sain own editorial credit for the information posted above.

Printed photo's in tomorrow's paper were taken approx. 1 hour after the accident took place.

The FAA has yet to post an incident report online, however, more information is anticipated tomorrow. Preliminary reports are posted in a special section of the FAA website.