Missouri Legislative Agenga

Every Newspaper accross the state printed this one - so I thought I'd follow...


Various bills again propose more restrictions on abortions. This year's debate is likely to include access to emergency contraceptives and whether pharmacists should have the right to refuse to fill such prescriptions.


A newly enacted school funding formula will kick in, calling for a $115 million increase in money for public schools. The Medicaid health care program for the poor continues to require more money, even after cutting some people from the program. Funding for higher education remains below its level of several years ago.


A task force appointed by Gov. Matt Blunt has recommended tougher standards for taking people's property through the use of eminent domain - a reaction to a June 2005 U.S. Supreme Court ruling in a Connecticut case that upheld the government taking of private property for developments that will generate more taxes.


The Republican governor and Democratic House members both back a requirement that all gasoline sold in Missouri contain a 10 percent ethanol mixture.


A commission appointed by Gov. Matt Blunt has recommended 85 ways to restructure state government, including making the lower and higher education directors accountable to the governor instead of independent commissions. Other suggestions include expanding the size of the transportation commission and merging securities, banking and insurance regulation into one department.


A year after cutting or reducing Medicaid benefits for hundreds of thousands of low-income parents, elderly and disabled, the Legislature will consider whether to restart coverage for the working disabled and restore benefits such as wheelchair batteries. Lawmakers also will consider the recommendations of a legislative committee on ways to overhaul the Medicaid program.


Gov. Matt Blunt wants lawmakers to require lap-shoulder seat belts on all new school buses and come up with a funding source so school districts aren't stuck with the cost.


Gov. Matt Blunt has proposed a statewide vote on whether to require public school districts to spend at least 65 percent of their money on items related to classroom instruction.


Legislative leaders and Gov. Matt Blunt are backing proposals to require certain child sex offenders to serve at least 25 years in prison.


With a prospective ballot initiative protecting stem cell research as a backdrop, legislators are likely to again debate proposals either banning or specifically allowing a controversial form of early stem cell research.