Jobs at the Landing

This flyer was picked up in front of corporate headquarters Branson Landing. By the way the 400 million dollar project is looking amazing and Belk's became the first company to hang a logo last week.
Back to the pictures at hand. Apparently, if you can't read the fine print - Killians - a local uber-developer isn't paying union folk - so they sent out union members to protest the union should right? Curious about the visitors to my town I asked about the union...what Huffman did wrong etc...when the issue of Union benefits came up. Apparently, the two union-strikers seen above aren't eligible for union benefits (they didn't know until I asked which caused and embarrasment for all of us)
The Hilton Branson has a job-fair in Harrison this weekend
Urban Retail suggested there may be a job fair in 6 weeks
Silver Dollar City is opening earlyh

A lot of you have been inquiring about jobs here in Branson. Things don't really pick up until March at which time labor is needed in great abundance. Feel free to contact me about specific questions.