Confessions of a Time-Share Salesman

Two weeks ago I wrote a very emotional post which was temporarily pulled. As a reporter there are many topics, issues, circumstances and details which are kept from public view.
This year I estimate that I'll publish over 400 Web pages with an average of 500 words on each page. The 200,000 words published will be on a variety of different Websites with different rules. Here, in the "blogoshpere", we live by a code. What we publish has to stay published - therefore I have an obligation to republish the article I have previously pulled.

View on the Timeshare Industry
Over my time in Branson I've developed a great disrespect for an industry with a foothold, tradition and culture of fraud. The product they sell has such little value that it's illegal to call a 30,000 dollar purchase and investment an investment. Actually, the purchase of this product almost guarantees a liabiltity for generations to come. The "con" you pull on our cities tourists often result in a purchase of thousands of dollars for a product in the end they beg or pay someone to take. It's a bit sickening and this is just the tip of the iceberg.
Living here, this is something rarely reported on. The token company is prosecuted once a year as a warning. The ratio of fees paid to the government and money generated from dishonorable business practices are a million to 1 - in other words as long as selling air is so profitable - they probably won't stop. Fortunately, Attorney General Action slows the industry down as it sheds light on who and what this industry does. The last thing they want is light shed on who they are and what they do - an industry where truth makes for bad business.
I assert the the character or the lack of character that defines this industry has substantial effect on our moral economy. The dishonorable acts served daily appear in papers accross the country - or you can watch them firsthand here in Branson, Missouri - if you have the stomach. Those trained to do these companies dirty deeds do not remain unaffected. Many of these men start as good men - honest men - many leave as they learn the truth about the peddled product. Some stay after they learn the truth, afterall, we all have to feed our families.
Personally, I don't have a problem with it - at least not enough to take the time to write a diatribe - until - once in a while - when a man stands and says "our evil is good". The particular man I'm speaking of was conducting an abhorrable act in the process.
On New Years Eve a timeshare salesman fed a concoction of cocaine and extasy to a pregnant woman. A fellow timeshare employee was shipped from the east coast to share in the sacrifice - the body of the impregnated woman.
The woman offered was carrying the child of someone so close - he could only be considered family. I would have treated this child as if it were my own. An execution by vacuum is scheduled shortly and leaves me with great anxiety. I wouldn't call it murder but something is going to die and you've taken a huge part in making sure this death happens.
I don't want to chase you - humliate you or cause you undo harm. What you do on a daily basis and the shame you bring to my community will inevitably be your industries downfall. Your other activities that's your business, but, keep far from my family.
What I'm saying is - specifially - stay away from my daughter. You are not allowed in her presence. I'm asking you nicely to avoid legal action, trouble or even time spent addressing what's already been forgiven - I want to avoid unneccesary trouble for the both of us. What you represent is something I want to protect her from - something I want far from her life.
I'm sure somewhere inside you - there is a good man - after all you were created and are ultimately a child of God. Though, today it's really hard for me to see past what you represent in the present - one who steals - one who kills.