Branson's Own Roy Blunt

We got to see the softer, gentler side of Roy Blunt this week as he promised to reform corruption among Washinton Lobbyists. The Democrats had a heyday citing his connection to Delay and his brand of cohorts. Political Analyst Gou Karadi once commented, "The problem with American Politics is they don't acknowledge bribery the way other countries do".
Roy Blunt's has risen to leadership positions within our country quickly and currently boasts the position of house majority leader with a number of firsts for his party and age. He's led an impressive career, but, will his affilliation with lobbyists - such as his wife - a famous tobacco lobbyist - and 2 other members of his family being lobbyists provide enough pressure for the Republican party to give him the boot?
Let's face it - Corruption and Politics aren't a surprise to anyone. Perhaps, being so close to the action will give unique insight on how we can control curruption and further bribery scandal. Afterall, the one party rule of today could shift tomorrow - to another parties rule. Someone with the knowledge Blunt has - given the right bribe (top position) could really make a substantial difference in our recent trend of organized political bribery. Certainly, this is the card Roy will play. Just to be clear - Roy Blunt has never been accused of wrong doing before the Democrats very nasty press release from Jefferson City this morning.
I was taking a look at some of the last few years of Branson's Political Contributions. which led me to do some research into Roy Blunt's political funding. His support from our region is unmatched. Open secrets reports funding for Blunt Came from these Zip Codes
65804 (Springfield, MO) $347,682
65809 (Springfield, MO) $341,007
65802 (Springfield, MO) $108,160
64836 (Carthage, MO) $90,125
65742 (Rogersville, MO) $86,774
64804 (Joplin, MO) $81,132
65536 (LEBANON, MO) $79,100
65807 (Springfield, MO) $70,506
63124 (Saint Louis, MO) $63,300
63131 (Saint Louis, MO) $60,700
65806 (Springfield, MO) $59,547
65616 (Branson, MO) $54,822
65810 (Springfield, MO) $53,925
65605 (Aurora, MO) $44,527
65808 (Springfield, MO) $43,759
65801 (Springfield, MO) $38,850
64801 (Joplin, MO) $38,150
63105 (Saint Louis, MO) $36,500
65613 (BOLIVAR, MO) $32,950
65686 (KIMBERLING CITY, MO) $31,95

As I was saying - Roy Blunt is our man.