The Devil's in the DETAILS (Magazine)

If it weren't for agent technology I might've missed this one. A custom "Branson Awareness API" helped me grab this one off radar. Details magazine wrote an article about Branson - and wow - the article is so fascinating I'm dedicating an ariticle in the January 2006 issue of the Branson EDGE to explore it....Currently, the Branson EDGE is being redesigned for what looks like a promising year.

Alright, so Branson came up on radar but the website shared with GQ had no mention of the aritle. I searched hi and lo - near and far - the details of the Detail's article couldn't be found anywhere. After searching through dozens of stores I finally found a copy.

The 6 page article "Will Branson ever be Cool?", sits in the back of the December 2005 issue.

The juicy Details article backs up some of the statements made early this year in the Branson EDGE article "What is Branson?"