Branson Missouri - Are we in Branson yet ? Can you give me a sign?

An article this morning in the Baxter Review brings up a good question many travelers to Branson Missouri may ask. Are we there yet?

The article chronicles a common experience travelers may have on the way to America's most popular family destination.

We'd see the billboards with Andy Williams and Petula Clark and Glen Campbell and Yakov Smirnoff and Ray Stevens and get all het up about seeing these old faves.

Only suddenly, after the Arkansas-Missouri border, the billboards would vanish.

In their place would be the usual highway signs about how many more miles it was to Springfield, Mo., and its amenities.

But there wouldn't be another word about Branson.

For four years somehow we'd drive right past Branson, realize our mistake, and double back. Drive slowly and deliberately from the Missouri side. Keep our eyes on the billboards. ...

Unlike other cities in Missouri - well across the United States - Branson doesn't have a "Welcome To Branson Missouri" sign. Perhaps, something this simple would end the type of confusion apparently our neighbors feel. How much more confusion do our millions of tourists feel?