Silver Dollar City Announces Multi Million Dollar Expansion

The launch of Silver Dollar City's "Grand Exposition" will arrive 100 years after the St. Louis Worlds Fair. A press release was issued last week by Silver Dollar City announcing expansion to it's widely popular family owned theme park.

In the tradition of the magnificent expositions showcasing the technological wonders of the late 19th Century, Silver Dollar City presents an all-new development for 2006 – the Grand Exposition! An $8 million expansion in a new region of the theme park, the Grand Exposition recreates the pageantry of a triumphant American tour of discovery, including 10 new family rides that soar, whirl and fly.

As the traveling expositions of the 1880s drew people from hundreds of miles around to marvel at the latest mechanical innovations and American ingenuity, the Grand Exposition is a streetmosphere of excitement. The area will be a colorful destination where exposition-goers experience the collaboration of imagination, technology and entertainment. From elaborate gardens and dancing fountains to the grandiose calliope and the high-sailing ship Galleon, the Grand Exposition is a collection of attractions and technological wonders.

"The Grand Exposition opens a whole new region of the park encompassing two acres, where guests are transported back in time to experience the golden era of discovery and excitement of the World's Fairs and Expositions in the late 1800s," said Brad Thomas, Silver Dollar City General Manager. "In keeping with our hallmark of bringing the past to life, we've chosen the theme of a very grand and exciting era, one which evokes the elements of the St. Louis World's Fair and P.T. Barnum's Traveling Expositions, which came through Missouri in the late 1800s."

The new rides are being manufactured and styled in Italy specifically for Silver Dollar City, and will have a capacity of 5,000 passengers per hour. Rides include the five-story Wave Swinger for high-flying adventure; the ship-themed Galleon which sends riders nearly 60 feet in the air; the multi-dimensional Spinning Disk ride which travels 55 feet in the air as it spins, the twirling Tea Cups with a center control for interactive fun, the fast-paced Regetta, and a family roller coaster. Several rides with nature themes offer excitement for smaller kids.