Ozark Hellbender Says Water Quality in Southwest Missouri is declining

The Ozark Hellbender population is on a serious decline. Herpetologists fear the entire population will be wiped out before a solution can be found to slow down or if it's possible to slow down the culprit.

Scientists agree this unique species will be eliminated if the water quality in Southern Missouri continues to stay on the decline. The St. Louis Zoo is has spent substantial energy towards the preservation of the species and is currently breeding the unique salamander in hopes they can one day re-introduce the Amphibian black into the population.

The species has sparked interest from several scientific disciplines as the toxins affecting the salamander are also toxic to humans.

The St. Louis Zoo reports the population has experienced and 80% decline in the last couple of decades.

As our region grows, managing waste and natural resources fall into the growing concern of infrastructure.

It's nice we have a booming real estate market and it's good we have Tiff Funds to help along with development - but when it comes down to the larger issues of protecting our natural resources (the foundation of our tourist market) who's going to foot the bill?