Growing up at the Dogpatch USA - Ernie Raney

I'm often asked by my peers on the West Coast what their is to do in Branson, Missouri. This article really hits home. Forget the shows - the theme parks - the kind people that live here. What it's really about is the beauty and lessons these hills have to share.

Ernie Ranie grew up in the theme park many of you remember from your youth. Though more of a ghost town now. The Linn County times wrote an article about the principle's youth and how it helps him as a scholar and educator.

Always more intrigued as a boy by what he could find off the beaten path than by what attracted tourists to the developed area of Dogpatch, the now-grown elementary school principal observes, "The whole art of teaching a child involves gaining access to the backroads of his heart and mind, allowing him to be what he is and waiting to help him take that next step when he is ready."

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