Branson - The next Generation

Branson has some great things coming through the pipeline. No, I'm not talking about the Landing or several multi-billion dollar development projects announced over the last few weeks. I'm not talking about a Mel Tillis comeback or who's who on the 70 + circuit.

We have a new generation coming and the reigns are slowly being handed over. This is something to be excited about. For instance, the Haygoods are growing up and getting national attention- Branson's own will make us proud. Branson launched it's first Rock n' Roll show featuring hits from the 1990's as opposed to 1919.

I'm excited today because the next generation is rising up - newbies being pruned for the top leadership spots. I'm excited becuase I see more integrity and an explosion of creative talent rising through the pores of Branson's foundation. I'm excited because a new promise for Branson is being delivered - with new leadership and new stars. But mostly, I'm excited because I get to watch it happen and even participate in the transformation this city will see in the next few years.