Branson Daily News - A Hundred Years And The Newspaper Will Be Dead

Ok, now think about it - a couple hundred years ago a "town crier" would, well - cry the news in the middle of the town square.

I know quite a bit about this custom having dated the daughter of one of the top "town criers" in the world. To be precise - #1 in Canada, having cried before the Queen herself!

It's not with pride that I say I almost wet myself when I saw the costume. You see, the English redcoat to me conjures pictures of Paul Revere screaming at the top of his lungs , screaming - they're coming to kill us. "The Red Coats are coming , The RED COATS ARE COMING!". I guess the town crier did have a place.

If you think about it, truly, the birth of America has everything to do with the birth of new media. Is it at all possible to understate the value of Thomas Paine's tiny pamphlet? Isn't it just Common Sense ? The town crier was made a legend and the newspaper reigned for over a hundred years.

I wonder, and am quite certain that there was a "Town Crier Union" which probably lost a great deal of power at the turn of the 19th Century.

As certain as video killed the radio star - the Internet will kill the news reporter.

Newsflash: The Branson Daily News is creating a new Content Management System. I expect good things and am looking forward to its release!