New Orleans Refugees - Public Service - Branson Missouri

The Branson EDGE reported an estimate of 160 families coming to Branson in the aftermath of Katrina.

Families are instructed to report to the Red Cross which has setup temporary facilities in the lower floor of the Salvation Army. The building iin midtown Branson off highway 76. located right off of Highway 76 The address is 1114 Stanely and can be found behind Garrs’ on the strip.

Families processed through the Red Cross are being processed and issued basic neccesities. The Salvation Army has noted a short supply and can use the following neccesitites.

1. Personal Hygene products
2. Diapers
3. Baby Food
4. Socks
5. Underwear

There are many places to donate directly to organizations in New Orleans, however, the local Salvation Army wants those who wish to help local families to note so in the memo section of donation checks.

After processing the Red Cross is placing names in the national database so those looking for family members can find the location of loved ones. After an initial assesment families are provided shelter through local resorts and hotels, food through restaurants in town and access to shows and attractions. The generiosity displayed through our local businesses is certainly in the tradition of Branson hospitality.

It's anticipated that several efforts throughout the city to help hurricans victims should become more streamlined over the week.

Please feel free to contact the Branson EDGE with any questions concerns or information regarding efforts, contributions and questions regarding local efforts.