Missouri Internet Law Repealed

he measure repealing the law had passed the House earlier. The Senate voted 32-0 in favor of it. Lawmakers later concluded the special session called by Gov. Matt Blunt to pass additional abortion restrictions and fix several new laws.
Earlier this year Sen. Rob Mayer, R-Dexter introduced a bill to protect politicians from danger. The original form and it's final copy went way beyond the intent of the Senator by his own admission.

In light of recent highly publicicized violence against public officials the bill's intent was to limit information about public officials over the Internet.

Specifially, the law stated no court or government agency could post online the home address, Social Security number or phone number of any elected or oppointed official without consent.

County Websites often contain property records and other information in violation of the law. County officials worried about how to enforce the restriction. Boone, Cass, Jackson an Platte counties sued the state stating among othe things that the law would impose a cost on counties without providing funding, in violation of state law.

"It was a piece of legislation that had good intentions," said Sen. Rob Mayer, R-Dexter. "Probably we should have given it more in-depth study and analysis."