WSSI Web Side Story - Branson

Being a high tech man in a low tech town is can be difficult. In January I did some coopetitive analysis of the local market. Branson, Missouri may not seem like a big market, but, take a little closer look. 7 million tourists in a town of 5,000 is a feat to be reckoned with.

Deep in the heart of Branson beats an entrepreneurial heart and the benefits of the Internet are on the top of the list for those with an eye on the money. Some are in it for the quick cash - a few for the long play.

I set out to start a magazine early in the year. I figured the town wasn't ready for an online boom - we do after all, make a hefty profit off our image as a "back to your 18th century values kind of town". I still see a boom; I believe, it will peak in about two years.

I figured that was about the time frame for a few things to happen. Here's a few predictions preceding my scheduled 2007 Sabbatical:

1. More national players come to Branson
2. East-West Land Grab
3. Overhaul of state law from Attorney General on Time Share/Travel Clubs
4. Real Estate Developers/Time Shares cut deeper into the market with proprietary shows
5. Real Estate Market Peak 2007

I'm Still working on the magazine but needed to make a play that would help pave a good future and provide some much needed scrilla.

In six months of searching I've only came across one company in town that doesn't sell time share. Based on the premises listed above and their use of state of the art technology I decided to sign with Reserve Direct.

The catalyst - the main reason I knew these guys were serious is that they serious is because they used the best commerce tracking system on the planet. If you haven't heard - you better ask somebody. Ask NASDAQ - WSSI Web Side Story took a 10% jump today and analysts project higher then projected earnings.

My answer - Of course! Web Side Story is an "Ambassador of Qwon". Remember Jerry McGuire? This is the show me state and Web Side Story shows me the money. When companies choose good technology - good tools I believe it to be a good gauge of how they'll pan out in a toughening market.

Reserve Branson is well geared for the future. Think about it. While the travel industry gets more and more competitive - as shows have to negotiate rates barely floating above production costs, as resorts expand into new markets, as Branson grows - Reserve Branson has a model for the future. A company like Web Side Story can help make that happen. The thing I like out Reserve Branson is that they allow the industry to set it's own flexible pricing structure. A significant investment in technology puts the theatres in control and ultimately their own fate. We can help them - we can give them tips on how to increase their revenue - We can provide the best GeoDemographics with the greatest level of accuracy.

It's already started to pay off. Several million in direct online commerce without booking one timeshare tour. I have a strong message for the Theatres - use the tools we give you. Take advantage of a product designed to help you take the drivers seat. See the future and take a stake in it. When it comes to partners - think long term. That's why we do business with Web Side Story. Long term relationship success requires integrity. When it comes integrity of data Web Side Story is a winner. When it comes to integrity; Reserve Branson is unmatched.