Who Comes to Branson?

This winter I dedicated most my time to putting together a publication. I saw and still see many gaps the press leaves behind. A new publication to fill that gap was conceived.

This is a tourist town. Our projected image to the outside world has a definitive impact on our local economy. To understand this you have to look at our target audience -who comes to Branson. I ask and test this everyday as I work in an Internet Marketing capacity for Branson's only Time-Share free travel service. We’ve generated over 8 million dollars in reservations for tourists coming to Branson. Though I look at a detailed breakdown of this market everyday - I could just as easily sum it up as highly religious - highly conservative.

It will be a long time before this will become a "bilateral" destination. In contrast our neighbor to the south Eureka Springs is a hotbed for progressive liberalism. I'm stating this for the benefit of those who may be offended by gratuitous patriotism and religiosity.

Personally, I enjoy both. The affirmative expressions and perspective of these cities is a reflection of the joys of living in these hills. In the Ozarks there is a place for everyone.