Peter Jennings - True American

Peter Jennings died this morning of Lung Cancer. Most of you are sophistated enough to have recieved this story before you've arrived here.
You probably know he was born Canadian and enjoyed dual citizenship. Here's something you probably didn't know.
Peter Jennings always carried a copy of the US Constitution in his pocket. His story is one of preserverence which led to the first American reporting beureau in the Middle East.
Decades of delivering the news to generations of Americans led him into the living rooms of most every household. He's been someone I've always admired.
Our country is founded on a free press. Sacred documents such as (one of my personal favorites) Common Sense were neccesary for us to gain freedom. Just as our forefather's saw the press as a neccesity for freedom to prosper a free press ensures our freedom for generations to come.
Thank you Peter. May God keep you. You may have been born Canadian - To me you're a true American.