Live Bait Machine

Live Bait Machine Actually Exists
BE News Branson

If you want to catch fish call Dave’s fishing guide service. If you’re hungry go to Electric Park in Forsyth. All you can eat (6 is the limit with a trout tag) brown trout.

After Gas prices rose to 1.59 a gallon (remember when you thought that was expensive) I decided it was time to hijack Dom Haygood’s moped. Soon after, I became hungry and decided it was time to head to Forsyth for some tasty trout. Unable to juggle two fishing poles a cooler and tackle box underneath a bungee cord, I decided the tackle box had to go.

I was so distracted by the .25 cents it cost in gas to drive across town , I thought it was 35, that I almost failed to notice the live bait machine in front of the Prime Time gas station. (See picture above). After confirming from the tall unamused man behind the counter three times, I was almost convinced that this innovation to improve the hillbilly arts was actually true. A few quarters later I learned the joy only a 25-cent gas bill could match