Branson - New Production - Caberet

On the advice of Hwy-13 founder Grant Terry I found myself at the NOVA theatre, mid-town Branson strip.

Great entertainment for the under 50 croud in Branson. The show features antics from various actors, dancers and performers.

This type of show is good for Branson and gives artists a new venue to strut their stuff.

The NOVA Theatre engaged a number of potential buyers before turning the movie theatre into another Branson Show venue.

In general, the Theatre's entertainment options provide little to boast about. I mean, do we really need another 1 man show full of John Wayne impressions? I think not.

I think what's unique about the show is it's non-commercial appeal. It really feels like your watching a group of people who have something inside of them that needed to come out. They've found a place in Branson.

I hope to see more entertainment venues like this one in the future. It's good for our socal economy.